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Revise Business Studies

Revision List - Key Topics/Terminology
 What Is Marketing?
 What Is Market Research – Primary & Secondary Methods, Qualitative And Quantitative Data.
 The Importance Of Product Trials & Repeat Purchases – Link To
Brand Loyalty
 The Importance Of Product Portfolio Analysis
 Product Life Cycle
 Boston Matrix
 The Importance Of Branding & Differentiation (Interpret Using A
Market Map)
 What Is The Marketing Mix (Know The Different Aspects Of The 4ps)
 Product
 Price
 Promotion
 Place
 What Is The Purpose Of The Design Mix (Variables: Function, Cost & Appearance) – Need For Research And Link To Product Differentiation.
 The Importance Of Stock Control? (Including The Stock Control
 Just In Time
 Just In Case
Understand How To Manage Quality: Quality Control, TQM And quality Assurance.
 Importance Of Effective Customer Service.
 Disadvantage Of Poor Customer Service.
 The Purpose Of The Trade Descriptions Act & Sale Of Goods Act.

 What Is Cash Flow?
 How To Improve Cash In
 How To Reduce Cash Out
 How To Improve Cash Flow: Favourable Credit Terms, Destocking)
 How To Improve Profit (Cutting Costs, Increasing Revenue, Changing
 Break Even (Interpret The B/E Chart, How Changes In Price And Costs
Affect B/E Point, Calculate B/E Using The Contribution Formula, Calculate the Margin Of Safety, Benefits & Drawbacks Of B/E Analysis).
 Sources Of Finance (Internal: Retained Profit, Sale Of Assets,
External: Share Capital, Floating On The Stock Exchange And Others)
 Organisation Structures – Levels Of A Hierarchy, Chain Of Command
And Span Of Control, Centralised Vs. Decentralised Systems.
 Motivation Methods – Including Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs)
 Communication – Including The Impact Of Excessive And Insufficient
Communication And Barriers To Communication Plus Phrases Like Grapevine and Jargon.
 Remuneration – Pay Strategies Such As Wages, Salaries, Piece Rate,
Commission And Fringe Benefits. Consider What The Impact Will Be On The Business And Workers.
 What Are Ethics? What Are Morals?
 What Is A Trade Off And Opportunity Cost?
 Impact Of Pressure Groups.
 Tariffs And Quotas (What Are They And Why Governments Use Them)
 How Do Businesses Affect The Environment? Short Term: Traffic
Congestion, Air, Noise And Water Pollution. Long Term: Global Warming and Resource Depletion (What Are Renewable And Non-Renewable Resources).
 International Trade – China & India (Emerging Markets) – Impact On
UK Businesses.
 Protectionism – Import Protection (Tariff, Quotas, Non Tariff Barriers) And Export Subsidy.
 Impact Of The Government And The EU On Businesses. – Regulation,
Taxation, Minimum Wage, Maternity/Paternity Rights, Health & Safety