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Welcome to the Hamstead Hall Alumni community!

A Hamstead Hall Academy Alumni community has been created using a platform called Future First. It aims to mobilise past pupil networks and provide relatable role models for our current pupils, showing them a world beyond their current experience and expectations. The alumni community will hopefully inspire and improve students’ motivation, confidence, and life chances through the sharing of past students’ achievements, journeys, and stories. The platform also allows us to register friends of Hamstead Hall Academy so please sign up and help us to build and sustain a thriving alumni community in a digital platform that is safe and share our unique registration link, and help us to build our Alumni network: 

Future First Hub 

My name is Daniel Stone and I'm the current Chair of the Local Governing Board and a former Hamstead Hall student. I have many fond memories of my time at Hamstead Hall; athletics on the playing field, eating chicken drumsticks at lunchtime, and of course the countless lessons in Craythorne, Parkside and Woodend. It has been an honour to remain an active part of the school community and to share my experiences with the current generation of students. I would urge you to join the alumni community as a means of reconnecting with old classmates and exploring what you can give, in time, knowledge or opportunity. Thank you.  


Hamstead Hall 50th Anniversary