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Business Studies 


Our aim in Business Studies is to offer an engaging, inclusive, and real subject which explores the dynamic nature of the business environment and supports students in developing their economic well-being for later life. 


Business objectives to achieve the following: 

  • A rewarding and stimulating learning experience for students. 
  • The learning and application of business studies theory to the world of today. 
  • Specific and measurable learning outcomes in preparation for the examination. 
  • A broad range of transferable skills and useful knowledge in preparation for further study and/or working life. 


The GCSE Business Studies course is the start of a linear pathway to future A-levels in Business & Economics.  


We offer a Two-year Business GCSE that provides our students with key knowledge and understanding of business concepts, theories and terminology which advances over the two years. In the Sixth Form, the business department offers two traditional academic A-level courses in Business Studies and Economics. The A-level subject offering provides greater depth and challenge, develops independent learning, and higher order thinking skills to enable students to reach their potential.