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Careers Programme Information

Our careers lead is Julie Gibson

You can contact her at gibsonj@hamsteadhall.com

Alternatively phone the academy on 0121 386 7510 and ask to speak with her.

If you have a query about careers, sixth form, college, university, apprenticeships or jobs then pop into the careers room on Tuesday lunchtimes and have a chat with our Careers Adviser Raj Dhanda.

Policy for Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)


A young person’s career reflects the progress they make in learning and work.  It is part of the vision and mission of the Academy that all learners need a planned programme of activities to help them choose 14-19 pathways that are right for them and to be able to manage their careers, sustain employability and achieve personal and economic wellbeing throughout their lives.


Hamstead Hall Academy recognises that it has a statutory duty to provide careers education in years 7-13 (1997 Education Act, 2003 Education Regulations) and to give learners access to impartial careers information, education and guidance (1997 Education Act, 2009 Education and Skills Act).  It is committed to providing a planned programme of impartial careers education and information, advice and guidance (IAG) for all students in years 8-13, in partnership with local specialist providers; and to provide extra support as required for vulnerable students and students with special educational needs.  Our commitment to careers education is in line with the Gatsby bench marks for the delivery of robust careers education.

Government’s careers strategy, published on 4 December 2017, sets out a long term plan to build a world class careers system that will help young people and adults choose the career that is right for them. To achieve this aim, the careers strategy sets out that every school and academy providing secondary education should use the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Benchmarks to develop and improve their careers provision. 

Gatsby Benchmarks

  1. A stable careers programme
  2. Learning from career and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
  4. Linking curriculum learning and careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance

Hamstead Hall Academy endeavours to follow best practice guidance from the careers profession, from other expert bodies such as Ofsted and from Government departments.

Hamstead Hall Academy is also committed to deliver a high quality careers education and guidance service.

Hamstead Hall is committed to

  • meeting statutory careers-related responsibilities and principles of good practice
  • securing independent and impartial careers guidance for Years 7- 13
  • ensuring that careers education is a key part of the overall curriculum and learning framework
  • ensuring that careers advice provided is both independent and impartial
  • working with a range of external partners and organisations, including providers of careers advice and guidance, local education and business partnerships and employers



This policy has been recently developed and will be reviewed yearly in discussion with teaching and teaching support staff, students, parents, governors, advisory staff and other external partners (Learn to Work)

Links with other policies

The policy for CEIAG supports and is itself  underpinned by a range of key school policies especially those for Teaching and Learning, Assessment, Recording and Reporting Achievement, Equality and Diversity, Inclusion and SEN.  The Academy has a separate Provider Access Policy.


Our Careers programme is designed to meet the need of the students at the Academy and we ensure that activities are suitable to meet the needs of the students and ensure they progress in their career learning and development and to increase their motivation, aspirations and attainment at the Academy.


Learners are entitled to CEIAG which meets professional standards of practice, delivered by trained staff and which is person-centred, impartial and confidential.  Activities will be embedded in the curriculum and based on a partnership with students and their parents/carers.  The programme will raise aspirations and promote equality and diversity.



A Careers Lead manages and coordinates the careers programme and is responsible to a member of the Senior Leadership Team and a member of the governing body.  The Careers Lead manages the planning and implementation of the work experience programme and coordinates vocational links across the curriculum with the support of the Senior Leadership Team.


All members of staff contribute to CEIAG through their roles as form tutors and subject teachers.  The CEIAG programme is planned and will be monitored and evaluated by the Careers Lead - Julie Gibson (0121 386 7510 ex 205, gibsonj@hamsteadhall.com) in consultation with the Senior Leadership Team.  Careers information is available in the Careers Office and on the notice board outside the careers office which is looked after by the Careers Lead. 


The careers programme includes careers education sessions, career guidance activities, information and research activities, work related learning (including work experience in years 11 and 12) and individual progression planning.  Careers activities are part of the schools personal development programme.  Other events e.g. Careers Fair (for sixth form), visits by and to employers and enterprise days are delivered at appropriate times in the curriculum and students are actively involved in the planning, delivery and evaluation of activities.  Careers and Apprenticeship assemblies are held throughout the year.

Assessment and Accreditation

The intended career learning outcomes for learners are based on the careers education framework 11-19, the statutory guidance and the ACEG framework.


An annual Partnership Agreement is negotiated between the school and a designated impartial IAG provider which identifies the contributions to the programme that each will make.  Other links are continually being developed e.g with local 14-19 partners, local employers and providers.


There is a small budget around the needs of the CEIAG area.  The Careers lead takes responsibility for effective deployment of resources.  External funding for activities is actively sought. Resources are available in the Careers Office for students to access.

Staff development

Staff training needs are identified in conjunction with the senior leadership team.  The school endeavours to meet training needs within a reasonable period of time.

Monitoring, review and evaluation

Partnership Agreements with designed providers are reviewed annually as well as the Careers programme and the quality standards for CEIAG are used to identify areas for improvement.  A report will be produced yearly for senior leadership team and governors and an evaluation undertaken on a regular basis.