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  • Pride

  • Persistence

  • Patience

  • Preparation

  • Progress

"Success for All through Hard Work and Harmony"

Computer Science

Curriculum Intent and Vision

Our curriculum is one of ‘success for all through hard work and harmony’, promoting the values of pride, persistence, patience, preparation, and progress.

At Key Stage 3, the BITE faculty has developed a new, fully inclusive, tailored curriculum, which provides core and disciplinary knowledge our students need to help improve their life chances. This programme of study, which reflects the transition to computing in the National Curriculum, will incorporate ICT, enterprise and computing elements including the access to a minimum of four programming languages which goes above the requirements of the National Curriculum. This scheme of work is relevant to the modern student, covering a range of topics such as graphics, networks, e-safety and programming to improve computational thinking and develop word processing, presentation and spreadsheet skills. This will provide all our students with a strong foundation for further study at GCSE and beyond.

At Key Stage 4, pupils are offered a two-year course in Computer Science delivered by subject specialists. The aim is to give pupils continued intellectual challenge and the opportunity to further develop their practical programming skills using Python, so they can investigate how computers work and how they are used in the modern world. The course is mapped to provide all our students with both core and disciplinary knowledge, such as systems architecture, networks, data representation and legal issues, as well as enhancing their creativity and problem-solving skills throughout the course.

We strongly uphold “success for all through hard work and harmony”.