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English is fundamental to success and is the key to all learning. It is the subject that enables pupils to gain access to all other subjects. It is the subject that enables pupils to make sense of the world around them. It is the subject that enables pupils to form opinions and express them effectively. English teaches pupils empathy and compassion and it teaches pupils to be more tolerant and accepting of others’ viewpoints. English can offer pupils the opportunity to visit different places around the world and travel through various time periods; meet a variety of people and engage with a diverse range of experiences. And we do all this without leaving the classroom. English is simply amazing.

-Miss Davis, Head of English

Useful Links

Read Theory 

This website is used to test the pupils comprehension. It provides small exercises for them and there are usually 8 questions in total per set. It then adapts the texts to suit the pupils reading age. It lets the pupils know straight away if they have the answers right/wrong so is a useful tool for helping them practice.