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"Success for All through Hard Work and Harmony"

Exam Tips

Before you start make sure to...

  • Highlight on the examination timetable which exams apply to you.
  • Check dates and times to make sure that they are correct.
  • Make sure you have all the equipment you need for the exam.
  • Hand in all electrical equipment including smart phones, smart watches and other smart technological devices.
  • You can only use black ink for your exams so please ensure you have at least 2-3 black pens.
  • Read each question carefully.
  • Do not write in the margin.
  • Ask for extra paper if needed.
  • If your desk/chair is wobbly, tell the examiner before the exam starts.

During the exam...

1. Always arrive on time for the start of the examination.
2. Make sure you are dressed comfortably so that you are warm/ cool enough in the examination room but in full school uniform.
3. Always read the instructions carefully.
4. As you read through the examination paper, circle the questions
you want to answer, or have to answer. Don’t be afraid to write on the
examination paper.
5. Do the questions you feel most confident about first.
6. Always make sure you read through the whole paper before you start to write.
7. Always make sure you try to answer all the questions you need to.
8. Check how many marks are given for each question. This gives important information about how much detail is required.
9. It is useful to plan a question before you begin to write. You may even get extra marks for this as it shows you are thinking.
10. Underline key works in questions. This can help you organise your answer.
11. Read through your answers afterwards and check you have answered all parts of the question.
12. Stay calm, don't panic. Counting to ten, or breathing deeply may help if your mind goes blank.
13. Go to bed early the night before the examination.
14. Leave some time at the end of the examination to check through your work. At least ten minutes is useful.
15. Before you start writing, work out how much time you have for each question. Don't spend too long on one question!
16. Read the question carefully and answer it directly. Repeating yourself is a waste of time and you will not get extra marks.
17. Think and organise your time positively. Do not leave things to the last minute.
18. If it helps you work better, remember to take a bottle of water and/or some sweets.
19. Get your bag ready with all the equipment you might
need the night before. Always have a spare pen. Check whether
you need any resources such as calculators, anthologies or dictionaries.
20. If you are running out of time, show what you would have written in note form, e.g. as a list, bullet points or a Mind Map. Showing your thinking can get you marks!

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