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Important Exam Dates

Below you'll find a rough guide to the key dates of the year 11 study leave period.

Please note this is a rough guide only and will be updated with the exact dates nearer the time.

Up to the 12th May

Mostly normal lessons except odd exam E.g. Drama and Art.


May 15th 

BTEC Music is our first written exam in the hall.

From 24th April to 26th May

Student are in school full time for:

  • Normal lessons
  • Exams
  • Extra lessons just before an exam
  • Occasionally in a lesson after the exam; to study


From 5th June to the 9th June


  • Normal lessons
  • Exams
  • Extra lessons just before an exam
  • Coming in later at 10 am on Wednesday  for some students
  • Going home early if they have no lessons or exams later in the day for some on Thursday and Friday

Rarely in a lesson after the exam to  study

From 12th June 

  • Only in for extra lessons and exams
  • Otherwise at home to study
  • For most the last exam is Physics on Friday 16th June
  • Some continue to separate Science exams and finally Product Design on Tuesday 26th June