Hamstead Hall Academy

Hamstead Hall Academy
Part of the Hamstead Hall Academy Trust Hamstead Hall Sixth Form

  • Pride

  • Persistence

  • Patience

  • Preparation

  • Progress

"Success for All through Hard Work and Harmony"

Learning Essentials

‘Visible learning essentials’ utilised in Hamstead Hall Academy

Supporting learners to make progress through adaptive quality first teaching

We know our students:

  • By using our 5 core principles to develop effective learners (Behaviour for Learning)
  • By using data rich seating plans, including student profiles to identify and support learners (vulnerable first)
  • Using the praise and reward system and adopting an emotional ‘trauma informed/ relational’ approach

We help our students make sense of new knowledge:

  • By explicitly teaching vocabulary and encouraging reading using the register continuum
  • By introducing new knowledge in a logically sequenced and gradual way
  • By modelling using the ‘I- WE-YOU’ process
  • By ‘teaching to the top’ and providing scaffolding to those who need it

We help our students learn and retain knowledge

  • By using spaced and retrieval practice activities
  • By giving opportunities for deliberate practice with clear success criteria within the T+L cycle
  • By using our curriculum maps and learning journeys to help students recall prior learning

We give our students the feedback they need to improve

  • By checking for understanding using a range of quality formative assessments
  • By sharing success criteria linked to core knowledge and procedural knowledge
  • By ensuring students upgrade their work in purple pen, using whole class feedback sheets and other AFL strategies