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Mathematics is the language of science and engineering, and an intellectual field in its own right. It is a discipline that is forever opening up to us, revealing new and fascinating truths and ideas, and helping to expand upon our knowledge in all directions. It is the study of quantity, structure, space and change. As abstract as that may seem, mathematics is, at its core, a quest for absolutes, definitive solutions and answers. We may think of long numeric chains, seas of fractions or spreadsheets stacked with figures, but what many don't realize is that mathematical complex equations are in fact roads to simplicity. Believers in better, faster, smarter solutions are often drawn to mathematics.

In Mathematics we aim to teach students the computational, analytical and structural thinking skills and to help them acquire a high level of competence in problem solving as they are in considerable demand in a wide variety of areas of employment.

Many people believe mathematical talent to be something that is inherited or are born with. The latest research disproves this myth that surrounded our society for centuries. Natural ability in mathematics only gets you so far. Hard work and good study habits are far more valuable. It is because of this belief that our Year 7 students embark on a 3 week course called “Weeks of Inspirational Maths” by Professor Jo Boaler from the University of Stanford in the US that share the core principles and values of our school.

-Mrs Leihal, Head of Maths

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