Hamstead Hall Academy

"Success for All Through Hard Work & Harmony"


At Hamstead Hall we love to put on a show! Over the last few years we've run productions of Grease, We Will Rock You, The Little Shop Of Horrors and most recently Bugsy Malone. We're incredibly proud of our cast and crew in each of these; they really do bring the entire academy together. This page is a celebration of their achievements. 

Expert opinion on the benefits of the performing arts in education is easy to find... "An interest in a performing art leads to a high state of motivation that produces the sustained attention necessary to improve performance, and the training of attention that leads to improvement in other domains of cognition." In other words, being on stage or in an art or music studio is not just enjoyable for some students but the patience they develop working on projects they care about helps them learn effectively in more traditional educational environments. That's a pretty good reason to give students the chance to be in a whole school, large-scale musical production and it's an opportunity that has been seized with real enthusiasm by the Hamstead Hall students involved in tonight's production.

The cast you see on stage and the musicians you see playing in the corner are supported by countless individuals; backstage and technical crew, a publicity and fund-raising team, programme and refreshment sellers, production assistants, set design and construction, costume and props.....not to mention the many staff who have given up their free time to work with this dedicated team of students. We would like to thank everyone involved tonight, they have worked tirelessly over the last six months to make this production a reality.