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Career Opportunity: Fantasy Wings

Fantasy Wings has contacted the Academy to find out if any of our students would be interested in their programme. Fantasy Wings was started to encourage more BAME young people to aspire to become Pilots and enter the Aviation Industry. Currently around 7% of Pilots are from BAME backgrounds. Their programme is delivered by Pilots and Aviation Experts, to prepare young people from BAME backgrounds for a career in aviation whether than be as a future pilot, in aerospace / aviation engineering as well as other roles in Aviation.

It runs on a Saturday each month and is delivered by Airline Pilots, Aviation Professionals and Industry Leaders. Since beginning their programme, Airlines and aviation organisations such as Virgin Atlantic have partnered with them to enable their pilots, recruitment managers and Vice Presidents to deliver sessions.

At the end of the programme, they will give away 150 trial flying lessons and fund the training and Private Pilot’s License of 9 BAME young people.

If you are interested then you can reserve a space on their website. The registration form needs to be completed by the young person or their parent/guardian.

It is extra curricular and runs on a Saturday - the 21/22 programme starts in October. The programme is for 13 - 25 year olds however all participants are grouped into age appropriate groups. As well as running in Birmingham, the programme also runs in London and Manchester.

For more information about the programme – please visit www.fantasywings.co.uk