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  • Pride

  • Persistence

  • Patience

  • Preparation

  • Progress

"Success for All through Hard Work and Harmony"

Pride, Persistence, Patience, Preparation and Progress

Examples of how our 5p’s (effective learning principles) are shown in our Books/ Folders.

We show Pride by underlining our dates and titles and keeping our handwriting neat to help with revision purposes.

-Having subject folders/ books in class each lesson

-Keeping the notes in order with curriculum delivery

-Use of academic language (Tier 2/3)

-Folders/books checked once per term

We show Persistence by always attempting the work set and trying our best.

-No blank spaces (work sheets/ exam questions)

-E-U= Re-do “do it again but better”

- F-A-I-L “First Attempt In Learning”

-Application of knowledge each lesson

We show Patience by receiving feedback and acting on it, learning from our mistakes.

-Thinking hard- explaining thinking behind their responses

-Attempting challenging tasks/ questions

                -Using model responses to support independent learning

We show Preparation by being on time to lessons and ready to learn. Completing homework tasks on time.

-Evidence of wider reading using subject specific texts

-Independent research e.g. Cornell notes, flip learning

-Development of exam techniques (Command/AOs)

               -Use of success criteria/ mark schemes

               -Self assessment checklists after each unit

 We show Progress by upgrading our work in purple pen.

-Knowing/ Showing our target grade for each subject

-Knowing/ showing our WAG for each subject

-Acting on the advice of our teacher’s/ peer feedback

       -Timestamps in books/ folders?


**Bullet points are examples of consistencies at KS5**