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  • Pride

  • Persistence

  • Patience

  • Preparation

  • Progress

"Success for All through Hard Work and Harmony"


Psychology is a subject available at A-level only.

Curriculum Intent and Vision

Our curriculum is one of ‘success for all through hard work and harmony’, promoting the values of pride, persistence, patience, preparation, and progress.

Hamstead Hall Academy is committed to providing a high-quality educational experience for all pupils within Psychology. Our curriculum is to equip all students with the ability to think critically about the theories and research which investigate the causes of human behaviour. Students are encouraged to think actively and develop key skills –constructing research design whilst critiquing its strengths and shortcomings skills, applying theory to explain novel behaviours and assessing the reliability and validity of sources of information. Students build upon and consolidate mathematical skills; for example, assessing the statistical significance of research.

We introduce students to a variety of psychology topics and educate them in how to think and conduct research as psychologists do. In doing so we aim to develop our students as critical, scientific thinkers who are intellectually engaged with the world around them and well prepared for further study in any discipline at university level.

Students with a wide range of interests get a great deal from studying psychology. It is all about people and people are fascinating. Studying psychology, we explore fundamental questions about the way we experience and make sense of the world around us and how we behave in it. What makes us who we are? Why do we behave in the ways that we do? Studying psychology is interesting and challenging and makes students think about abilities and social behaviour that they take for granted. They develop their oral and written communication skills, their scientific thinking and their powers of critical analysis, in a lively, yet focused, productive and supportive atmosphere.

Each year, many of our students go on to study Psychology at a higher-level following career paths into forensic, sport and clinical psychology amongst others.

We strongly uphold “success for all through hard work and harmony”.