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Pupil Premium

We are currently writing the 2018/19 strategy for the use of pupil premium and it will be available to read soon.

If you need information on pupil premium please contact Ms K Emson.


For the academic year 2016/17, we were allocated £336,600 of pupil premium funding.

We received this money in 4 instalments from the Education Funding Agency, starting in July 2016 and then in October 2016, January 2017 and April 2017. These funds are in addition to the main school budget (the general annual grant). Pupil Premium is allocated to the school based upon the number of students who are in receipt of free school meals (and those who have been eligible in the last 6 years). It is also payable for those students who have been, or still are, looked after (for at least one day). There is also a premium paid to schools for those students whose parents are in the Armed Forces, or those who are in receipt of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

We will endeavour to meet the individual needs of all students.

At Hamstead Hall Academy we strive to provide all our students with the highest standard of education possible and whilst we must ensure pupil premium students are given as much support as possible, we also ensure all students receive the same level of targeted support and intervention; we will endeavour to meet the individual needs of all students.

For parents/carers who are unsure of their child’s eligibility for free school meals, they should contact us and we will provide eligibility requirements and an application form.

Hamstead Hall has been praised for our work with ‘disadvantaged’ students

We would encourage our eligible parents/carers to apply for free school meals as it not only provides the student with a midday meal but helps the school to fund additional support for individual learners, providing any additional curriculum or targeted support necessary to ensure that those eligible students achieve to their full potential.

Congratulations letters from The Minister of State for Schools
Hamstead Hall has been praised for our work with ‘disadvantaged’ students and how we are working to close the Achievement gap. David Lawes, the Minister of State for Schools has passed on his thanks for the work we do with students who are eligible for Pupil Premium and congratulated the Academy and students for the results that they have achieved. He has asked that we contribute to the national strategy to ‘close the achievement gap’ and support other schools to raise achievement of ‘disadvantaged’ students across the country.

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