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"Success for All through Hard Work and Harmony"



As students of HHA:

  • We will wear full academy uniform and are encouraged to take pride in our appearance. Shirts will be tucked in, our top button must be done up and our ties will show 5 stripes.
  • We may be sent home to change if we do not have a reasonable excuse for not wearing uniform. Parents will be informed and consent sought if a pupil is required to go home to change. Uniform may be checked by any member of staff.
  • We will ensure we wear appropriate, practical footwear that adheres to school policy. Trainers are not allowed – except for our PE kit.
  • Only wear a single stud in each ear and no other jewellery. The wearing of jewellery is discouraged for reasons of safety and security. When taking part in PE, no items of jewellery may be worn.  No large earrings, finger rings, bangles, bracelets, nose, tongue or other piercings are permitted in the academy as they can cause injury if accidentally pulled or caught on another person’s clothes/bag.
  • We will Keep our hair colour and style appropriate for school. No coloured braids/ haircuts with patterns/ false eyelashes / hair extensions/ false nails/ gel nails/ nail extensions/ bright hair colourings, coloured beads or hair accessories, only black hair bands.
  • We will not wear makeup.
  • We will carry a school bag to carry books, equipment, pens etc.
  • We are not allowed to wear jeans, denim jackets, “hoodies” or sports/leather jackets. Such items will be confiscated.
  • We will mark all items of clothing clearly and indelibly with the our names.

Full Uniform List

Items are required unless specifically stated.

At a minimum, Parents/carers are only required to buy the following items from the official suppliers (Gogna or Uniforms +)

  • Hamstead Hall Academy tie.
  • Sports top with academy badge or polo top with academy badge.
  • Shorts with academy badge or track pants with academy badge.
  • Hamstead Hall Academy Football Socks.

We encourage parents/carers to purchase their HHA jackets from the official suppliers but we also allow the purchase of a generic jacket which matches the design of the official jacket as long as the Hamstead Hall Academy badge is sewn on in the appropriate place.

All other required items can be sourced from other retailers including second-hand retailers.



Black jacket with academy badge

Sports top with academy badge

White shirt 

Polo top with academy badge

Black trousers / Black knee length plain skirt (no pleats or lycra)

Track pants with name (optional)

Academy tie – navy blue with light blue/gold stripes

Track top with badge (optional)

Black socks/plain school tights (not patterned)

Football shorts with academy badge

Sleeveless jumper (Optional)

Football socks with academy name

Black hard shoes that can be polished (no shoes that look like sports shoes purchased from shops such as JD Sports, Sports Direct, Footlocker; pumps and soft shoes)

Shin pads

Outdoor Coat (Not required all year round. Coat should be dark in colour, no leather, suede or denim and no hoodies)

Football boots

Craft apron for Technology

Supportive trainers (no soft pumps)

School bag big enough for an A4 file


  • Parents/carers are expected to provide an explanatory note if their child does not wear an item of uniform on a particular date. The note should be dated and countersigned by the Head of Year.
  • If, for domestic reasons, explained to the Form Tutor, a child is unable to provide an item of uniform, the Form Tutor should provide the child with a note and inform the Head of Year.


We have 2 suppliers.

Gogna Schoolwear & SportsUniforms Plus