Hamstead Hall Academy

Hamstead Hall Academy
Part of the Hamstead Hall Academy Trust Hamstead Hall Sixth Form

  • Pride

  • Persistence

  • Patience

  • Preparation

  • Progress

"Success for All through Hard Work and Harmony"


Hamstead Hall Academy Trust responsibilities

 Governance

 Development of the Hamstead Hall Academy Trust vision and core values

 Determining the level of delegation to each local governing body

 Governor training

 Strategic Management

 Recruitment of Heads of School at our academies (jointly with the local governing body)

 Performance Management of the Executive Principals

 Performance Management of the Heads of School (jointly with the local chair of governors)

 Academy target setting and improvement planning sign off

 Academy budget approval

 Staff contracts

 Academy admissions and appeals

 Marketing and public relations

 Trust and Academy policies

 Campus wide management

 Scheme of Delegation

 Financial and administrative policies

 Planning, budgeting and reporting procedures

 Statutory compliance in all its aspects and risk management (health and safety, equality etc)

 Estates management

 IT network management

 Reprographic and publishing services

 Major procurement

 Education

 Support for the implementation of the academy improvement plans

 Individual monitoring of academies via key performance metrics

 Support for the professional development of staff

Local Governing Body responsibilities

 Monitoring of standards

 Implementation of the Hamstead Hall Academy Trust vision and core values

 Curriculum provision

 Quality of the classroom experience

 Quality of work placement experience (where appropriate)

 Student attainment and progress

 Student attendance and punctuality

 Student behaviour and safety

 Student exclusions and appeals

 Enrichment activities (clubs, visits, extra curricular activities)

 Academy improvement plan implementation

 Budget management

 Special educational needs provision

 Statutory compliance and risk management

 Evaluate performance management systems and scrutinise any reward payments Staff disciplinary issues (with Hamstead Hall Academy Trust support especially in relation to grievance issues/dismissals)

 Relationships and marketing

 Parent relations

 Student recruitment

 Community relationships (businesses, arts and sports organisations and partner schools)

 Policies

 Establish and review policies and procedures, reflecting Hamstead Hall Academy Trust key criteria

 Provide feedback to Hamstead Hall Academy Trust on the effectiveness of policies