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Revise Drama

     To view the Academy Library's resources on Drama                            1. Right click this link and open our library page in a new tab.    2. Then click this link to browse our Drama resources.     

Section A : DNA
 There are questions as a performerdirector and designer. You have notes on these roles—make sure you review them.
 Re read the play and review any notes you have made on the text.
 There are sample questions and answers available in Drama - see Miss Davies.
Section B : Jane Eyre
 You are allowed to take in notes (500 words) on costume, set, lighting, space/levels, key moments and acting. Make sure you have these notes
ready to use in the exam.
 There are videos on youtube of this production - search ‘Jane Eyre National Theatre’. There is also a section on the production on the National Theatre website—watching these and reviewing your notes will help you revise.
 See Miss Davies for sample questions and answers.