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Revise Geography

     To view the Academy Library's resources on Geography                    1. Right click this link and open our library page in a new tab.    2. Then click this link to browse our Geography resources.     

Paper 1 Living with the Physical Environment
Natural and weather hazards
Climate change
Tropical rainforests
Cold environments
Do not answer the sections on Hot Desert and Glaciation
88 marks (including 3 marks for spelling, punctuation, grammar and specialist terminology (SPaG)) 35 % of GCSE
Paper 2 Challenges in the Human Environment
Urban issues and challenges (Rio and Birmingham)
The Changing Economic World (Nigeria and the UK)
The Challenge of Resource Management (Water)
Do not answer the sections on the Food or Energy options
88 marks (including 3 marks for spelling, punctuation, grammar and specialist terminology (SPaG)) 35% of GCSE
Paper 3 Geographical Applications
Section A Issues Evaluation — Students will have to interpret, analyse and evaluate the information on water management from the pre-release resources booklet and the question paper.
Section B Fieldwork — this will be based on their two fieldwork enquires undertaken (Rivers and Regeneration). They will be assessed in the following two ways:
1. questions based on the use of fieldwork materials from an unfamiliar context
2. questions based on students’ individual enquiry work. For these questions students will have to identify the titles of their individual enquiries.

Paper 3 is worth 76 marks (including 6 marks for SPaG) 30 % of GCSE
 Revise named examples - know off by heart with specific place detail
 Know which countries are HICs and NEEs / LICs
 If you are asked to look at map/diagram etc then show in your answer that you did - use facts and figures if appropriate
 Understand command words in question and use geographical terms.
BUG the questions (Box the command word, underline the keywords and glance back at the question).
 Answer the question set not what you think it might be asking, making sure you answer all parts
 Look at how many marks are given for each question as a guide as to how much detail you should write