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Revise History

     To view the Academy Library's resources on History                            1. Right click this link and open our library page in a new tab.    2. Then click this link to browse our History resources.     

Exam Papers

International Relations 1919-1939 - 50 minute paper
 The Peace Treaties
 The League of Nations
 The Causes of the 2nd World War

Germany 1890 - 1945 - 50 minute paper
 Germany under the Kaiser
 Weimar Republic, Hitler becomes a Dictator
 Nazi Germany - Policies and Control

Thematic Study Migration, Empires and people – 50 minute paper
 Conquered and Conquerors
 Looking West
 Expansion and Empire
 Britain in 20th century

English Depth study – Medieval England at time of Edward I – 50 minute paper
 Government in Medieval England
 Life in Medieval England
 England’s relationship with Wales and Scotland
 Stokesay Castle

Make sure you know :-
 The content
 The structure of the answers – use your model answers to help you
 The time needed for each question