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Revise MFL

     To view the Academy Library's resources on MFL                             1. Right click this link and open our library page in a new tab.    2. Then click this link to browse our MFL resources.     

 Revise vocabulary using Memrise and Quizlet (make your own lists).

 Go over your tenses and time indicators (time phrases and frequency

 Before a listening exam, read the question paper carefully and think
about the vocabulary you will need to be listening for.

 Before a reading exam, read the questions before reading the texts as
it will highlight what you need to be looking for.

 Check the context for each question, the type of question that is asked and look at the examples very carefully.

 Don’t be afraid to annotate and use highlighter (sensibly).

 Even if you don’t understand something, try to work it out f
rom the context and using what you know.

 Always answer every questions. If you are uncertain, wait until you are
done filling in the activity before guessing the answers.

 Practise past papers and Studio assessments

 Practise your speaking questions


For specification and DVL: www.eduqas.co.uk

For language testers and literature notes: www.cambridgescp.com

For language practice: www.memrise.com ; www.quizlet.com


 Ensure you learn ALL words on DVL. For nouns, ensure you learn the
genitive and gender; for verbs, make sure you learn all principal parts
and make a note of the few deponent verbs.

 Ensure you learn when subjunctive is used and the different types of
subordinate clauses there are

 Practise indirect statements (accusative+ infinitive construction);
practise spotting passives (and differentiate them from deponents)
and futures

 Practise translation of English into Latin using the specific DVL and
grammar list.

 For Literature, ensure you learn your texts well and have a good idea
of authors’ stylistic features and what impact he is looking for.

 For Civ, study the sources booklet I gave you to give you an overview
and give you some references for your essay; ensure you have
another good read of the relevant chapters of your ‘Search of the
Romans’ book as well as your CLC books.