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Revise R.E.

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Timing is very important.
Spend no more than 25 minutes on each question. Work through the first four parts of each question as quickly as possible to leave 15 minutes for the 12 mark essay question.
Use one word answers where possible for part 1 and 2.
Use Point, Explain, Point, Explain for part 3.
For part 4 use the same technique as 3 and add a quote.
For part 5 show both sides of the argument and give a conclusion. For each side use PEE and explain how any quote used links to the question. Use more than one point if possible.
Focus on the wording of the question.
Contrast = different Similar = same
The religious tradition of Great Britain is Christianity. When asked for it in paper 2 you must use it. In paper 1, only answer on the religion asked for. If Christianity, only use Christianity. If Sikhism, only use Sikhism.