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As a Science Department at Hamstead Hall we want our students; to foster a love for all Sciences, enjoy the practical elements of the subject and be analytical in their thinking. We want our students to develop the essential skills to understand the way the world works through the eyes of a scientist in order to become scientists for our future

At Key Stage 3 we strive to develop students love and interest in Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as the practical elements of the subject. Our curriculum has been modified to ensure students have a detailed understanding of core scientific concepts which they can build on in future years, as well as providing students with both practical and analytical skills in order to investigate and explain scientific phenomenon.

Topics covered in KS3 are; Environment, Inheritance and Evolution, The human body, elements, mixtures and compounds, chemical reactions, energy, forces and space, electricity, magnetism and waves.

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum starts in Year 9 and we follow the AQA specification for Combined Trilogy Science or Separate Science if students choose Science as an option. We also study AQA A Level Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as BTEC Forensics.

As a department we aim to provide enjoyable and memorable learning experiences, that challenge students of all abilities, provide them with transferable skills and ready them for 21st century life and studies.

Mr Johnson - Head of Science