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Sixth Form Dress Code


The Hamstead Hall Academy dress code is in place for Sixth Form students to foster a sense of community and identity. The formal dress code requirements ensure students have professional attire, preparing students for future workplace and to instil a sense of pride of being a part of Hamstead Hall Academy.
The dress code allows some capacity for expression and individuality and for students to take some ownership regarding their own professional representation. It is imperative that all students reflect Hamstead Hall values in ethos in both their behaviour and appearance. This is imperative as Sixth Form students act as role models for our KS3 and KS4 students.
Students not adhering to the dress code nor wearing a lanyard will be given a warning and then a detention if the issue is not rectified. Continued failure to comply with the dress code will be treated as defiance and refereed to the behaviour policy will be followed.
The Sixth Form team makes the final decision on what is suitable dress code.

Dress Code

• Trouser suit, skirt suit or dress suit
• Skirt not too short or long (close to knee and not below ankle length)
• Collared shirt or appropriate blouse
• Tie to be worn with shirts
• Smart shoes (Black trainers will not be allowed)
• Shoes must be low heeled (closed toe)
• Single block coloured jumper or cardigan may be worn under formal jacket, jumpers must be round or V-neck
• Outdoor wear is not to be worn when inside the buildings (coats, hats, gloves)
• Sixth Form lanyards must be worn at all times
Prohibited Items
• Denim items/Ripped jeans
• Sportswear, including jogging bottoms, tracksuits, sweatshirts or hoodies
• Polo neck jumpers
• Zipped sweatshirts
• Baggy or exceptionally long jumpers
• Trainers, canvas shoes, plimsolls or boots
• Leg warmers
• No large logos on any items of uniform
• Cropped tops/low cut tops
• Baseball caps
• Beanie Hats (May be worn outside school buildings)
• Bandanas

Other Key Information

• Subtle and professional make up (i.e. appropriate for a work place)
• Loud or extravagant items of jewellery are not permitted:
rings may be worn on fingers, studs may be worn in ears, and one small discrete nose stud is allowed.
• Mobile phones are only out in the study area or lessons when given permission by the class teacher.
• Headphones are only to be worn in the study area or lessons when given permission by the class teacher.