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  • Pride

  • Persistence

  • Patience

  • Preparation

  • Progress

"Success for All through Hard Work and Harmony"


Sociology is only available as an A-level subject.

Curriculum Intent and Vision

Our curriculum is one of ‘success for all through hard work and harmony’, promoting the values of pride, persistence, patience, preparation, and progress.

The Sociology curriculum develops HHA students to be analytical and intellectual thinkers who instinctively evaluate the changing world around them from both macro and micro levels. Their sociological imagination will enable them to see communities and societies from varying perspectives, with the potential to encourage social change where needed.

The curriculum promotes critical thought regarding the social construction of societies, which is well developed and rounded to ensure a breadth of intellectual paradigms which encourages diversity of complex thought processes in accordance with the AQA A Level Sociology syllabus, with the intention of developing students who are inquisitive yet respectful of others’ norms and values.

The curriculum is designed to assist in the transition from Sixth form to University. Providing a robust and challenging approach to Sociology which encourages a reflective gaze on the multi – diverse environment that is Birmingham.

We believe that Sociology at Hamstead Hall Academy is important in suggesting to students that societies can be improved for the individual via the institutions.

We strongly uphold “success for all through hard work and harmony”.