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"Success for All through Hard Work and Harmony"

Teacher Development

Effective Professional Development: The Mechanisms of PD

Effective teacher development at all levels will:

  • Motivate
  • Build knowledge
  • Develop techniques
  • Embed practice

Effective teacher development





Teachers and support staff have access to quality CPD through, INSET and calendared teaching and learning communities (TLC’s), along with the use of instruction coaching conversations and professional dialogue with department colleagues.


Leaders receive leadership development opportunities through recognised NPQ qualifications and internal leadership updates.

CPD is adapted to support the ‘See it-name it-do it’ mechanism to drive improvements. Common action points across the school are identified using DDI and bespoke CPD opportunities are provided to support these/ close gaps/ interventions at all levels.


The use of the teacher toolkit to help support the identification of the biggest ‘lever’, along with strategies to support pedagogy at all levels (collaborative leadership)

Staff action points are recorded to demonstrate the use of the CPD provided along with powerful action step toolkit strategies where necessary to develop pedagogical needs.


Over time, staff empowerment and  performance develops leading to improved learning and teaching, boosting outcomes for students.


Staff feel supported through an open door approach


Modes of delivery: A blended model of TD includes E-learning, F2F, Briefings, Updates, Self directed CPD, Directed dept, pastoral time, Coaching and professional dialogue.