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"Success for All through Hard Work and Harmony"

Teaching and Learning

At Hamstead Hall Academy, we have a deep commitment to maximise our students’ potential.

At the heart of this is a relentless focus on teaching and learning. We are all learners and as such, we encourage all children and adults to develop knowledge and expertise. It is our aim to ensure that all students enjoy their education, achieve through it and participate in a variety of stimulating learning activities and opportunities.

 USP: Learning and Teaching to support curriculum implementation

Learning essentials (All Key Stages)

✔We know our students

✔We help our students make sense of new knowledge

✔We help our students learn and retain new knowledge

✔We give our students the feedback they need to improve


The quality of learning and teaching at Hamstead Hall Academy enables all students to flourish in whatever they choose; tackling social disadvantage with a vulnerable first approach. The knowledge engaged curriculum puts a focus on the development of deep knowledge and understanding whilst ensuring students can apply this knowledge. A relentless focus underpinning the curriculum design and teacher development for learning and teaching  is our understanding of Cognitive Load Theory.


  1. Culture:

Develop a whole school culture that focuses on behaviour for learning “Be the best version of yourself to secure the best life chances”

  1. Curriculum:

Ensure students succeed in learning through a highly effective curriculum “Sticky knowledge: knowing and remembering more”

  1. Pedagogy:

Develop a shared, evidence informed framework for high quality teaching that optimises inclusion and progress “Every child needs a champion” Rita Pierson


Teacher development has and will take place through two main mechanisms, the use of Instructional Coaching ‘TLC tuning cycles’ and DDI

Both mechanisms are based around the ‘SEE IT-NAME IT-DO IT” model of professional learning. Staff directed time will focus on these two vehicles for school improvement along with revised policies and procedures to support learning and teaching.

Through co-ordinated collaboration Hamstead Hall Academy will drive its own improvements, ensuring high quality educational outcomes for all students