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Hamstead Hall Academy

Part of the Hamstead Hall Academy Trust

Hamstead Hall is an Academy, serving the local area of Handsworth and Handsworth Wood. The Academy caters for approximately 1100 students across the range from 11 - 18 and reflects the religious and cultural diversity of the city.

Opened in 1973 as Hamstead Hall School, it enjoys an attractive setting next to Sandwell Valley Nature Reserve and Handsworth Golf Course. The site stands in its own extensive grounds and playing fields.

Hamstead Hall Academy has been at the forefront of inclusion 

Hamstead Hall Academy has been at the forefront of inclusion and is one of six schools in the city with a Special Needs Resource Base. The Resource Base caters for 40 students who have statements for cognition and learning difficulties.

Today the Academy is one of the most successful comprehensives in the country. In 2009 it gained NLE (National Leader of Education) and NSS (National Support School) status. This status was redesignated in 2017. The Academy has supported schools both locally and nationally to help them improve standards.

The parents/carers and students of the local area have trusted the Academy for the best part of 40 years. The Academy, secure in its history of service to the local community, looks forward to the challenges and opportunities of the future.