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This month, as well as launching our new musical Bugsy Malone, we're excited to announce to launch of two new digital technologies which we believe will make the Academy run more smoothly.



Hamstead Hall Academy is set to launch ‘Show My Homework on 31st January, 2018. This is an online educational platform that aims to improve homework processes across the Academy as unfortunately lack of homework continues to be the most frequently reported behaviour issue.

We strongly believe that homework plays a crucial role in both a student’s learning and the performance of the Academy. There is no question about its academic worth, particularly as research suggests that completion of homework at secondary level can add an additional 5 months progress onto a child’s learning (EEF, 2016).

The implementation of Show My Homework is designed to promote consistency, improve transparency and ensure effective communication between teachers, students and parents / carers with regards to homework completion.

In adopting a more technological approach to homework we hope to transform and improve home-academy relationships. We are very excited about the future of this product in helping us to raise standards, increase learning outcomes and improve the homework quality across the Academy.

Show My Homework were recently announced as winners of the EdtechX Global All Star Rise Awards in which they were recognised as a company of tremendous promise who are innovating within the edtech space and meeting real market demands. Hamstead Hall Academy is very excited to be part of this journey.

All staff are currently partaking in Show My Homework training so that they are ready for the launch on the 31st January, 2018. On this date all students and parents / carers will receive a log in slip and letter to help with registration for Show My Homework, which has accessible software for a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Show My Homework will enable teachers to create and set engaging homework that students can submit online. Parents / carers can also track homework details, monitor deadlines and engage with teachers about their child’s progress much more freely. We greatly appreciate your support and help with launching this new powerful initiative and we look forward to working with you. 

To access Show My Homework click here.



I am excited to inform you that we will be implementing a new biometric library system at Hamstead Hall
Academy for use within the library.

This is a technology that has been used successfully by many hundreds of schools and as a school we are
convinced that this is the right way forward for Hamstead Hall Academy. There has been some negative
press on the subject of biometrics, so we are keen to provide a choice for parents and carers on this issue.
We expect this system to improve the services we are able to offer students and staff significantly, with
benefits including:
 Reduction in queuing time
 Reduction in administration time and cost dealing with lost or forgotten cards/passwords/PINs
 Reduction in opportunities for bullying as there is nothing that can be stolen for use by another student
 Pupils will not have to remember to bring a card to the library
 Raising the profile of the library and reading through the use of exciting technologies

We would like to make it clear that Hamstead Hall Academy will comply at all times with the Data Protection
Act and with the guidance given by Becta and by the Information Commissioner’s Office regarding the use of
biometric data.

Fingerprint images will not be stored by the system (instead, a set of coordinates is translated into a string of
numbers and encrypted). The encryption method used by the system is a high level, industry standard
method. The data held cannot be used to recreate a fingerprint image, nor can it be used in a forensic

If you would like more information or the chance to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me.
We ask parents and carers to fill in the reply slip at the bottom of this letter which can be downloaded below. This will indicate that you give permission for your child to be enrolled into the biometric system. If not your child can continue to use their card as normal.

For more information on the biometric system go to the HHA Library website by clicking here.