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During the first three years at Hamstead Hall Academy all students follow the same wide range of courses. In Years 10 & 11 subjects are studied in far greater detail and therefore, there would simply not be enough time to take all the courses available. Consequently, your child will have to make some important choices guided by us.

All students will, for over half their timetable, follow compulsory subjects. These include: Mathematics, English, Science, Physical Education, Personal Social and Health Education and a course in Religious Education and Citizenship. Each student, under guidance, will also be given the opportunity to follow an Individual Learning Pathway. The chosen pathway will involve a range of subjects giving the students a broader learning experience and ultimately greater individual success at the end of Key Stage 4.

English Baccalaureate Pathway (Compulsory Pathway for Set 1 and Set 2 French and Spanish students and available to all other students)

The EBACC was introduced as a performance measure in the 2010 performance tables. The measure recognises where pupils have secured a grade 5 or higher in GCSEs across a core of subjects – English, mathematics, two sciences, history or geography and a language (including Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) or ancient languages). By introducing this performance measure, the Government hopes that more pupils will be offered the chance to take a broad core of more traditional academic options. The Government believes that the English Baccalaureate will be the benchmark and measure of success for high attaining students used by universities and employers. It is seen as an academic pathway. The EBACC pathway is compulsory for those students who are in Set 1 and Set 2 for French and Spanish. Other students are welcome to select this pathway.

Non – EBACC Pathway

For those students who do not wish to opt for EBACC subjects they have the flexibility to choose a wider range of creative, practical and academic subjects from across the four option blocks in addition to the compulsory subjects. Please refer to the guidance for completing the options pathway form at the back of this booklet as there are restrictions to studying particular subjects that may be deemed too similar. All students in Year 9 have been receiving Information, Advice and Guidance to support them to make their choices for Key Stage 4 and have been encouraged to discuss their preferences with their parents / carers. 2.

English and Maths

Research has shown that students have greater opportunity for success in the workplace if they have good levels of literacy and numeracy. To that end, the government is keen for as many students as possible to reach a standard of a grade 4 or higher in English and Maths. Students who do not achieve a 4 or higher in English and Maths by the end of year 11 are required to continue to study these subjects beyond the age of 16. We fully endorse this as we recognise that literacy and numeracy are essential life skills and will help to improve attainment for the students in all subjects. To support this and to help the students achieve their best grades in English and Maths, the students will all have extra time allocated to English and Maths during years 10 and 11.

Additional Information

There will also be courses and opportunities beyond 3.15pm and parents should be aware that all Year 10/11 students finish school at least one day a week at 3.45pm so that the school can deliver a high quality Physical Education programme as part of the core entitlement. There may also be an opportunity for your child to study another subject after school such as Panjabi and Latin.

All choices will involve consultation between you and your child. The booklet has been carefully produced so that it will answer any queries you may have about courses, choices and examinations.

A deliberate attempt has been made to make the booklet attractive and to be brief and concise in subject detail. During the process, all students will have had the opportunity to discuss their subject choices with form tutors and subject staff.

All students’ preferences are subject to agreement with Mr Mortimer (Executive principal), Mrs Tranter (Assistant Head of School), Miss Hoyte (KS4 Learning and Welfare Director), Ms Lynch (Head of Year 9), Mrs Mirza (Assistant Head of Year 9), Year 9 Form Tutors and all subject staff.

Deadline: Monday 26 th February, 2018 Final option choices will be submitted online by clicking the link to the survey below. If you require further details or clarification then please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Tranter

Click here to go to the Year 9 Final Option Survey.