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  • Pride

  • Persistence

  • Patience

  • Preparation

  • Progress

"Success for All through Hard Work and Harmony"


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Curriculum Intent and Vision

Our inclusive curriculum is one of ‘success for all through hard work and harmony’, promoting the values of pride, persistence, patience, preparation, and progress.

The curriculum in History at Hamstead Hall Academy is designed to be broad -covering a range of time periods, as well as engaging and intellectually challenging. It has been designed to be ambitious whilst still meeting the needs of all students.

As a department we develop students’ core knowledge and ensure students remember the content in the long term as well as integrating broader, hinterland knowledge, ensuring progress and successful outcomes for all.

The curriculum is designed to instil confidence in students to debate and discuss their knowledge, and feedback in a way that is progressive as well as nurture the disciplinary knowledge required in history. All whilst fostering a love and passion for the subject.

Parts of the curriculum have been tailored to our students to ensure that their own culture, traditions and history is covered and also allows others to learn and develop their own understanding of the world around them. It is also designed to introduce students to experiences they might not have available to them usually such as trips to historically relevant sites.

Ultimately within the department we aim to help students become confident learners and developed young adults who are prepared to lead, make informed decisions and communicate effectively. In History we aim to ‘develop skills for future learning and employment’. Our History students will be able to reflect and adapt and become independent critical thinkers whilst having a clear idea of the ‘bigger picture’. 

We strongly uphold “success for all through hard work and harmony”.

Topics Covered

We study a wide variety of eras and topics in History at Hamstead Hall from an in-depth study on Germany from 1925-1965 to migration in Britain from 1000 – 2010. We hope that students will gain a new appreciation and love of history.

Year 7

The Norman Conquest

Medieval England

The Crusades

Tudor England

Stuart Britain

Local History


Year 8

The Industrial Revolution


Migration Through Time

The ‘British Civil Rights Movement’

The Impact of Global Conflict on People in the 20th Century

Modern Global Conflict


Year 9

Political Systems

Civil Rights in the 20th Century

The Making of America

Leadership in the Past

Recommended websites for KS3 History

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BBC Bitesize

For students who would like to challenge themselves:

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