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"Success for All through Hard Work and Harmony"

Religious Education



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Curriculum Intent and Vision

Our curriculum is one of ‘success for all through hard work and harmony’, promoting the values of pride, persistence, patience, preparation, and progress.

The RE curriculum develops HHA students as global citizens where they recognise, integrate and are a benefit to whichever community they are present in.

The curriculum promotes study of moral grounding for all students which is well developed and planned carefully to ensure coverage, progression and intellectual challenge in accordance with the Birmingham Local Agreed Syllabus. It provides opportunities for critical thinking, evaluating different responses and questioning. It will also provide a safe space for reflection on personal beliefs with the intention of developing a well-rounded pupil and an appreciation of the subject.

The curriculum is highly inclusive, challenging all pupils academically and personally so that there will be no performance gap between different groups. Pupils will be ready and prepared for any assessments where they will meet or exceed their personalised targets.

It will promote SMSC to prepare them for responsibility in the academy and later life. Including PSHE, Citizenship and assemblies to ensure the personal well being of all pupils is comprehensively catered for within the curriculum.

The curriculum is designed to ensure pupils will maximise their learning about and from religions and belief systems. It will use a thematic, interleaving approach which supports cross curricular links and allows pupils to revisit and recall previously learned knowledge, making it embed coherently in their long term memory.

We strongly believe that Religious Education at HHA is an integral component to a harmonious, multicultural society, and uphold “success for all through hard work and harmony”.

Key Stage 3

Year 7: Beliefs   

Leaders: The life of the founder for the main world religions.

Teachings of the leaders: Teachings of the 6 main religions

Year 8: Practices         

Worship: Holy books, Prayer & Praise  

Local places of worship: Rites of passage: Baptism and Weddings   

Global places of worship: Pilgrimage and Rites of passage: Funeral and life after death.

Year 9: Beliefs and Practices in Action

Personal action: How and for What? Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and  Judaism.


Local action: Religious Integrity, Sewa, Langar, Foodbanks, Street Pastors and Zakat.

Global action: Responses to war (Religious and non-religious), Responses to Immigrants and asylum seekers,  Feminism and Religious persecution.



Assessments are lesson based and ongoing. They are progressively challenging and skills based. Work will be assessed as: Emerging, Developing, Secure or Mastery.