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"Success for All through Hard Work and Harmony"

At Hamstead Hall Academy we place a great deal of importance on academic attainment and on all our pupils achieving their best.

Reading and the development of reading skills is crucial to success both within and beyond school.

In order to encourage good reading habits, the academy will be running a Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) activity every week from Monday 17th September.

This involves each student stopping what they are doing for fifteen minutes in order to read a book of their choosing for pleasure. All pupils will, therefore, need to bring a reading book to school every day. 

Please support your child by making sure (s)he has a reading book to bring to school. Books can be brought from home or borrowed for the school or local library. You can also support your child by talking about books and sharing your favourite reads. 

When is this going to happen?

Form Time - 15 minutes: One of your form times per week will now be devoted to D.E.A.R.

Lesson Time - 15 minutes: In one of your lessons, the last fifteen minutes will be devoted to D.E.A.R. per week.

Each DEAR session takes place on a different period each week to avoid affecting one lesson frequently.

The timetable for each session is available below.

Thursday 12 Sept

Period 1, 9.05-9.20

Thursday 19 Sept

Period 2, 10.05-10.20

Thursday 26 Sept

Period 3, 11.25-11.40

Friday 4 Oct

Period 2, 10.05-10.20

Thursday 10 Oct

Period 4, 12.25-12.40

Thursday 17 Oct

Period 5, 2.15-2.30

Friday 25 Oct

Period 3, 11.25-11.40

Half Term

Friday 8 Nov

Period 4, 11.25-11.40

Friday 15 Nov

Period 5, 12.25-12.40

Monday 18 Nov

Period 1, 9.05-9.20

Monday 25 Nov

Period 2, 10.05-10.20

Monday 2 Dec

Period 3,11.25-11.40

Monday 9 Dec

Period 4, 12.25-12.40

Monday 16 Dec

Period 5, 2.15-2.30

For more ideas on how to support your child's reading please visit the Academy Library's Website.