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For the last few years, Hamstead Hall Academy has been leading the Apple Training for the Titan RTC which stands for 'Regional 'Training Centre'.

The RTC launch event held at Hamstead Hall Academy on 25th November 2013, was a great success, attracting educators from across the region, to see how hard work, perseverance and passion for innovation in the classroom can come together to create a centre where we strive to raise standards of attainment using Apple technologies.

Mr Babbage (Lead Trainer) is keen to improve the quality of teaching and learning and thus raise standards further through the use of iPads in the classroom. He has delivered numerious sessions over the last few years, ranging from the basics of the use of the ipad to creating iBooks and using a green screen.

Technology in the hands of our students has the capacity to transform their learning. We need to realise that the landscape of education is changing, so we need to move with the times to stay current and in touch with the learners of today.

Information on our latest sessions is below. 

                    This information is also available as a download below.

For further information about RTC and the upcoming sessions in the 2017/18 academic year, please download the PDFs at the bottom of this page.

If you are currently using an Apple MAC then please download this numbers file for more information.

If you wish to sign up for a session please email Robin Babbage at:

The MLearn Project

Mlearn is a European union (EU)- funded project using mobile handheld technologies to enhance Teaching and Learning.

The project aims to provide evidence of the outcomes of a training programme for in-service teachers, focusing on mobile learning through appropriate pedagogic uses of mobile or handheld technologies. 

The project initially considered how teachers could develop and use pedagogies to support activities with learners using handheld or mobile devices in and outside classrooms. 

Hamsted Hall Academy played host to the European partners from contries such as Nertherlands, Greece and Italy, for a week on intense training, via a programme written by Mr Babbage, which will be disseminated back in the the partners own countries. The outcomes will be recorded and the research will be published to provide educatiors with meaningful data to plan future developments within their schools. A truly international project. Mr Babbage is the lead trainer and working closely with the Titan partnership, hopes to have an impact on classroom practice across Europe.


If you wish to sign up for an session please email Robin Babbage at: