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Why does each academy Benefit?

Individual Academies can benefit from the flexibility that the Hamstead Hall Academy Trust offers to manage the funding available. Funding to the Academies within the Hamstead Hall Academy Trust is allocated on an individual Academy basis, via a supplemental agreement between the Secretary of State and each Academy within the Trust.

The Hamstead Hall Academy Trust can, to the extent that it is permitted through the Funding Agreement, combine some of the individual Academy’s budgets and use the money to fund shared services. This helps the Hamstead Hall Academy Trust to achieve economies of scale. The Hamstead Hall Academy Trust can often negotiate contracts and services that achieve much better value for money than if each school was to negotiate these individually; and source locally wherever possible. The Hamstead Hall Academy Trust is the employer for all staff within its Academies, allowing the movement of staff across schools if this is desired. This is an attractive option that offers greater security of employment for staff in schools with fluctuating populations. Opportunities for collaboration.

The Hamstead Hall Academy Trust is ultimately accountable and responsible for the performance of each of its Academies. It can agree to delegate as much or as little power to the local governing bodies of the schools involved to meet their specific needs. The Trust appoints an Executive Principal to deliver the strategy of the Trust and to work with the individual Heads of the school to provide effective support as required, including access to a variety of school improvement partnerships through its links with the National College, Birmingham City and Birmingham Universities, and the Teaching School alliances.

Community focus

Every one of our schools is concerned to contribute something of worth to our local community and to become a centre of learning of which our whole community can be proud. Through the skills and experience our learners develop and through the reputation our schools will establish, we aim to contribute to the growth of our local economy and to the well-being of families in the Hamstead Hall area.

Our current position

The Hamstead Hall Academy Trust was formed on June 1st 2013. On this date, Hamstead Hall Academy, the first of its schools, became a converter academy. In June 2011, Ofsted had judged Hamstead Hall Academy to be a good school with outstanding features and with good capacity for further improvement. On October 1st 2014 Hamstead Hall Academy Trust sponsored Grestone Primary School.