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Impact of our Language Development work

Impact on teachers’ practice:

“Pupils’ language is developing faster because I’m modelling language much more.”

“I feel I know more about how language works so I’m able to make it obvious to the pupils.”

“I have much higher expectations now of what pupils are able to achieve in their language and in their learning.”

“I’ve seen a massive difference in progress in terms of pupils’ ideas, vocabulary and grammar.”

Impact on pupils’ learning

Pupils are:
• Developing a language for talking about language.

• Learning how to articulate their ideas in spoken language before they write them down.

• Learning to use a wider, more challenging range of vocabulary.

• Learning to make choices about language to suit the situation and to evaluate their choices.

• Reading more fluently and producing more effective writing

Impact on achievement

Initially our work in this area was focused on Humanities and PE.
Achievement in Humanities has improved significantly since 2013 following
intensive support to train staff within History and Geography in ‘How Language
Works’. Since 2013, attainment and progress has risen rapidly for ‘All Pupils’ and
‘EAL students’ and in 2014 and 2015 was well above the national averages. Also in
PE outcomes have risen significantly since 2013 and are now well above national
averages with high value added scores in 2014 and 2015 for ‘All Pupils’ and ‘EAL pupils’.

Value Added measures 2015

Value added for all students: 1014 (sig+)
Value added for students where first language (other ): 1022 (sig+)
Humanities: Value added for all students: 1003 (sig+)
Humanities: Value added for students where first language (other ): 1003 (sig+)

Outcomes 2013 - 2015

Humanities Overall

Outcomes for all Pupils