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V I S I O N   S T A T E M E N T 

At Hamstead Hall Academy Trust, our vision is to create a learning community across our academies where we work together to support our learners of all ages secure a better future for themselves through the pursuit of excellence in everything we do. We aim to provide: 

  • The widest possible range of opportunities for students, teachers, para-professionals and the community to feel fulfilled in their lifelong learning.
  • A challenging edge for us all to achieve our individual best in all aspects of academy life.
  • A real sense of belonging to a supportive learning community where we prepare students for success in the 21st century workplace.
  • The best facilities possible to support our work.
  • The feeling of a community: caring, supportive, improving and challenging with us all taking our share of responsibility to make this a reality’.

A I M S   A N D   V A L U E S

Hamstead Hall Academy Trust aims to place learning at the heart of its community; creating an education sector that values all people (irrespective of age, race, ability and sexual orientation) in our community as learners and will support them to secure a better future for themselves and for our local area. To learn, you need good facilities, support and be valued as a person. What should this look like in our trust?

  • We treat people with respect be they learners, teachers, para-professionals in any context.
  • We value the fact that we all learn at different rates, and we aim to support people along their individual learning pathway.
  • We need to have the highest expectations of ourselves and of others.
  • We should strive to do our best in all aspects of life.
  • We should be very ready to share our ideas with others and value other people’s ideas.

A B O U T    U S

All Academies (Hamstead Hall and Grestone) within The Hamstead Hall Multi Academy Trust are governed by one Trust (the Members) and a board of Directors. Directors of the Hamstead Hall Academy Trust are appointed by the Members and include the Executive Principal and the Chair of each Academy’s local governing body. Each Academy is therefore represented within the Hamstead Hall Academy Trust and can be confident that its interests are well represented.

The Hamstead Hall Academy Trust holds ultimate responsibility for all decisions regarding the running of the individual Academies. However, whilst finance, HR, estates, ICT, admissions and marketing are managed centrally, the Hamstead Hall Academy Trust delegates decisions relating to the curriculum and learning and teaching to the local governing bodies of the individual Academies. Opportunities are given to share best practice and to participate in shared opportunities for professional development.

O U R    A C A D E M I E S


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